MCV Competitions Ltd

30a Armaghbrague Road, Tassagh,

Armagh, Northern Ireland, BT60 2NS

Companies House Number: NI670039

  1. General

1.1. MCV Competitions operate competitions which are skill-based competitions resulting in the distribution of prizes in accordance to the terms and conditions detailed on this website.

1.2. Through entrance of this competition via any entry route, entrants are deemed to have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions and agree to be subject to these terms.

1.3. This competition is open to entrants of the age 18 and over and is not employed by the promotion. This competition is restricted to UK & Ireland residents only.

1.4. On entry of any competition, entrants may be asked to submit all contact details as per request of the promoter which will be used to:

(A) Notify the winner that they have won the prize.
(B) To post proof of the winning entry on the promoter’s website and social pages.

1.5. Entrants are solely responsible for providing and updating the promoter with the correct contact details and it is not the promoter’s responsibility to update unless prompted by the entrant.

1.6. The promoter takes no responsibility or liability for any failure or inability to contact any entrant due to incorrect information provided by the entrants; however the promoter will endeavour to make communication through the contact details and social pages with the entrant.

  1. Competition

2.1. As a condition on entering the competition, entrants must ensure that, by doing so, they do not contravene any laws in their country of residence. The promoter will not be liable in any way if an entrant enters the competition unlawfully. The entrants and the promoter recognise that the competition, its administration and all associated activities are governed by UK and Northern Ireland Law and the promoter and entrants recognise that the county or high courts of Northern Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of a dispute arising out of the competition or its administration.

2.2. Upon entry to the competition, entrants acknowledge that upon competition of their entry requirements for the competition, in no way guarantees that they will win the prize(s).

2.3. Only entries completed in full, containing the correct answer as agreed by the promoter will gain entry to the competition. Failure to correctly answer any question correctly will still result in the entrant being charged.

2.4. The promoter does not guarantee the value of any prize(s) or its condition on the time it will be gifted to the competition winner; however we endeavour to provide a fair and clear description on each prize.

2.5. Upon entry in a competition online via the website and acceptance of these terms and conditions you confirm you do not contravene and laws of your country of residence regarding the legality of entering our competitions. The promoter will not be liable for any entrant entering any of the promoter’s competitions unlawfully.

2.6. The promoter reserves the right to disqualify or refuse entry to any entrant if there are any grounds for believing that an entrant has broken or breached any of the terms and conditions or acted in a way that is perceived to be illegal by the promoter.

2.7. Entries to the competition(s) will become the property of the promoter and will not be returned.

2.8. The competition will close once all tickets have sold out. In the event that all tickets do not sell out and the timer ends the draw will still take place.

  1. How To Enter

3.1. Through answering the unique question associated with each competition, the entrant recognises that they must exercise skill, knowledge and judgement to give the correct answer.

3.2. Entrants can buy a maximum of 50 tickets per competition.

3.3. To complete in full an entry to a competition, the entrant will be asked to provide their contact details or register to / sign into their online account and card payment details for the entry fee. Once an entry is submitted the card used for the transaction will be electronically approved through our payment merchants.

3.4. The competition will close when the maximum number of entries and/or the closing dates is reached.

3.5. All entries to competitions are final and no refunds shall be made for any reason, except in the case where the promoter cancels the competition. The promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into about the results of a competition(s) following the winner being selected in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

3.6. Entrants agree that consumer protection (Distance Selling) regulation 2000 does not apply to the promoter and delivery of goods will be on a per competition basis.

3.7. The promoter offers a free entry route for participants wishing to enter any competition. This can be done by sending an letter or postcard via  pre-paid first or second class post detailing which competition you would like to partake in, the chosen answer to the competition question along with your personal details including, Name / Address / Date of birth & Contact phone number. Entries must be posted to: 30a Armaghbrague Road, Tassagh, Armagh, Northern Ireland, BT60 2NS

3.8.  All free entries must be received before the closed date of the competitions and any entries which are not received on time will be void and not entered into that competition.

3.9. If the free entries are received after the maximum number of entries for the competition has been reached, they will not be processed and correct entries will not be entered into the draw.

3.10. It is the entrant’s sole responsibility to ensure that their entry is received by the promoter in advance of the deadline.

3.11. The promoter will confirm whether or not your entry was received on time and is valid before the competition deadline via Email.

  1. Closing The Competition

4.1. The competition will close when the maximum number of entries and/or the closing date is reached.

4.2. The promoter will retain 30% of the entry fees to cover administration. The remaining balance following deduction of the 30% plus operational expenses is the prize fund which will then be offered to the winning entrant.

4.3. If the promoter cannot make contact with the winning entrant within 7 days of the competition being concluded and drawn, through the contact details provided and social media, the promoter then reserves the right to select an alternate winner who will have 7 days to accept the prize. The original winner will have no legal claims to the prize once the alternate winner has been selected.

5. Prizes

5.1. The promoter remains the legal owner of any prize from the start of the competition until it is handed over to the winner.

5.2. The promoter does not offer or accept any value valuation of a prize and all prizes are subject to the terms and conditions of the prize provider, manufacturer or supplier and law of the residence country.

5.3. The prize will only be the prize which is awarded at the time of the draw and no alternatives will be offered thereafter.

5.4. All prizes will have FREE Delivery to the UK & Ireland Only.

5.5. The winner will be required to provide full proof of age, identity and entry to the competition prior to the prize being delivered or collected.

5.6. The promoter is not liable for any duty or tax payable in respect of the winner’s receipt of a prize.

  1. Privacy Policy

6.1. Upon entering a competition, entrants authorise the promoter to use their personal details and take photos / videos of the entrant, if they win with their consent, as promotional material to be used online and through other forms of promotional material.

6.2. Entrants authorise the promoter to store their personal information in their database and to use this information in accordance within the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 subject to the terms of the privacy policy.

6.3. The promoter reserves the rights to cancel any competition at any time pre or post ticket sales. In the event that a competition is cancelled, the promoter will return entry fees to each entrant through refund or store credit.

6.4. The promoter accepts no responsibility for failed or partial entries resulting in a loss for the entrant as a result of failed computer communications, software failure, server faults or high internet traffic as a result of entering a competition through the website.

6.5. The promoter can declare an entry void, without a refund being given, if the entrant engages in any form of fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, amending or unauthorised use of any of the code which makes up the website or hacking or interference with the functioning of the website.

6.6. The promoter reserves the right to change or amend these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be published on their website for clarification.

  1. Content/Selecting Winner

7.1The winning Entrant will be selected at random by using the Google Random Number Generator live on Facebook.

7.2 Full details of the draw date/time will be confirmed once the competition has been concluded via Facebook and or our website. This decision will be made within 24 hours of the close of the competition.

7.3 Entry lists will be displayed in each competitions page on our website.

7.4 There will only be one winner per competition unless otherwise stated.

7.5 If the contest is completed and the Prize is issued successfully then the prize will be transferred by the Promoter to the winner of the contest using the V5 for each car (where applicable). This must be completed before the car is handed over. The winner is responsible for taxing and insuring the vehicle as required and the Promoter will have no responsibility over the Prize(s) once hand over is competition is carried out.

  1. Miscellaneous


8.1. Entrants must authorise the promoter to enter their personal details into their database and to use the information in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

8.2. The promoter will not be liable for any loss such as death or personal injury,  (including economic loss) suffered to or sustained by any person or property as a result of any act or omission of the promoter, nor will employees or their agents involved in developing, planning and Administrating the Competition, distributing the Prize to the Winner or following the distribution of the Prize; The Promoter accepts no liability for errors or omissions contained within the Prize details, description or specification or any other part of the Website. It is the responsibility of each Entrant (and in particular the Winner) to satisfy him/herself as to the accuracy of any such details and/or any content of this Website.

8.3. The Promoter will not be liable for any loss suffered by an Entrant as a result of incomplete entries or failed computer communications or for any loss suffered as a result of use of the Website.

8.4The promoter will not accept responsibility for entries which they do not receive due to failures in computer systems, high Internet traffic, other malfunctions, hardware failure, software failure, server faults or for any other reason.

8.5. The promoter reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be immediately published on the competition website.

Terms & Conditions Last Updated – 31 August 2023

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